Backup Your Database Daily!


This week I have assisted two different clients that users “inadvertently” deleted more contacts than they thought they were deleting. The two did not notice the missing contacts for more than a week, but both had very different outcomes. The first client I restored a copy of a backup that was two weeks old, located the missing 167 records that were deleted, then exported those records into their current database (while everyone was still using ACT!). It took several hours before all of the contacts showed up in their database. The second client was very different, a new ACT! user thought he was deleting 1 contact and clicked the “Current Lookup” instead of the “Current Contact” and deleted all contacts in Kentucky. They always overwrite the nightly backup each night, so I had to find much older backups (which I found one that I made over a year ago, when I did some updating to their database.) I was able to find only 91% of the contacts from the old backup, but unfortunately all of the history for those contacts was missing.

 The take away: Change your settings to backup daily and keep the last 30 days of the backups. An option that very few clients use, but I always highly recommend is to have a monthly “drill” and take a backup and restore it to different location, then open the database. You can then sleep soundly each night knowing your backup procedure is working 100%.